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Stoves and fireplaces boutique

Décor Chaleur Châteauguay specializes in the sale of wood, pellet, gas and electric stoves and fireplaces. At our Châteauguay showroom you can see the major brands of stoves and fireplaces. You can count on our team of passionate stoves and fireplaces experts for your heating needs.

Our boutique has over 50 models on display, such as: gas and wood fireplaces, wood stoves, built-in gas-fuelled, pellet-fuelled, electric, etc. Come meet our heating specialists. Our qualified and certified installers ensure that the work is done properly, according to the stove and fireplace industry standards.

We serve the Greater Montréal area, the North Shore and the South Shore.

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Wood stoves and fireplaces
Wood stovesSee our models
Wood stoves and fireplaces
Gas stoves and fireplaces
Gas fireplacesSee our models
Gas stoves and fireplaces
Pellet stoves and fireplaces
Pellet stovesSee our models
Pellet stoves and fireplaces
Electric stoves and fireplaces
Electric fireplacesSee our models
Electric stoves and fireplaces

What ambiance are you looking for with your stove or fireplace?

Pellet stoves have gained popularity these last years, but stoves and fireplaces are as popular as ever. Many people go for the atmosphere, the heat that they exude, and even their smell. They still choose the good old wood stove. With certain wood stoves, you can now redistribute heat to other rooms in the house.

If this option does not suit you, be aware that there are currently several other heating options offered, such as gas and electric stoves.

What's your preference?

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